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The World Cup is brilliant. I went to home bargains tonight to get some compost and there was hardly anyone in there.

Is there such a thing as a link format that opens up in an activitypub client - such as mailto:// for email?

UK people: Now is the time to do your weekly shopping.

@Gargron As with trending hashtags, I'd say it's a vocal minority. It's an API so people can always pick clients that do not implement it. The people who like the feature are just not vocal, (as was the case with trending hashtags), and it would take time for them to realize people are complaining and should speak up, like it did last time.

Do not get bullied and do not remove the feature this time, or *your* vision for Mastodon will slowly fall apart and so will the drive to work on it.

I've started my annual re-read of Stephen King's IT. I must of read it at least a dozen times but I still get that sweet feeling of anticipation when I start.

People aren’t interested in complex solutions, or hearing that something will be difficult. It’s much easier not to have to think.

@ducatdusk I suppose the same would apply to simple solutions to complex problems, which British politicians seems especially fond of lately.

I read a great price of advice today. I can’t recall it word for word but it was something along the lines of β€˜never trust a single cause explanation for a problem’ - because an issue is always much, much more complex than it appears.

It’s a beautiful day in the North East of England.

This will be my last passport with European Union written on it 😭

Great service from UK GOv passport service. From application to postage in less than a week, and no messing about at the Post Office.

I swapped out Sublime Text for VSCode with a project this weekend. I was surprised to find that I like it. It’s a solid editor - but sadly it’s electron and so quite slow.

Sincerely hope the dimensions of this cycle computer are correct.

Please don’t take away my trending topics πŸ˜”

I’m going to be the contrary one and say that I have absolutely no issue with Microsoft acquiring GitHub.