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Jamie Adams πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί @ducatdusk@mstdn.iofoundry.eu

I was thinking about replacing some decking in my back yard this summer but I'm wondering if I should be building concrete bunker instead..

Apparently I’ve used half my iCloud storage. News to me since I don’t knowingly put anything in it.

Server OS was old and was struggling with default Python install, so braved a 'do-release-upgrade.

Python now works (yay!), but caused chaos with package repositories (noooooooooo).

Fixed repository chaos.

Ruby doesn't work anymore. Balls.

Purge Ruby and reinstall.

New version of Ruby doesn't like my Jekyll blog.


I want to live in this tiny cute cabin and ignore the world, at least for a bit.

Probably my favourite Hacker News thread for quite some time:
What Did Ancient Romans Do Without Toilet Paper?

Mark Zuckerberg has a whole hospital named after him.

I wrote my first python program today. I wouldn't show it to anyone, but it works and I'm quite pleased with myself.

The filtering on Newsblur really is excellent. Over a couple of weeks I've managed to filter out almost everything political - which makes me a happier boy.

The local rag has decided to replace all of their photo galleries with video slideshows. It's infuriating.

This is a really interesting project if you are in to RSS.

First feedBase demo
β€”Scripting News

β€œwww.youtube.com/iframe… Well here it is folks! A quick video demo of my new product. Here are some quick notes about what you're seeing here.”

I'm pretty sure that something went wierd the last time I upgraded this instance, but I'm a bit scared to troubleshoot in case it all comes crashing down on me.

Cycled to work this morning for the first time since last year. Didn't die.

I have just made perhaps the worst scones in mankind’s history.