Huh. Just noticed that a device I recently bought comes with a USB cable that can be plugged in any way. How have I not seen these before? Why are they not all like this?

I have a 1 year subscription to 1Password to give away if anyone wants it?

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Deleted entire user directory contents by accident. Going to bed.

‘Dad! I’m in a cupboard!’
‘I dunno!’

Getting very lost in the world of Indiweb.

A package that I would really like to be delivered on time has been sent by Yodel 😭😭😭

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@cosullivan This is my total collection. Not too many, but more than I need:

Henry VIII, who was by most accounts a bit of a turd, dissolved Rievaulx in 1538, stripped it of its valuables and rendered it uninhabitable.

As is Rievaulx Terrace, which looks down on the beautiful ruin of Rievaulx Abbey.

I do love a good ruin. Helmsley Castle is worth a visit if you are nearby.

I would genuinely like to know who reads these.

@curtismchale @aral iPad + Termius + TMux = ❤️

A very basic post:

My name is Jamie. I live in North Yorkshire with my wife, two children and a mongrel dog called George. I’ve worked in the social housing sector since 1998.

By way of introduction, here is a selection of my interests condensed to nouns :

We also completed the routine pilgrimage to Anne Bronte’s grave at St. Mary’s Parish Church.

Anne had been unwell with tuberculosis and it was thought that the sea air would be of benefit of her. It wasn’t, but she’s got a nice resting place looking out to sea.

Went back to my home town today. Nice to be beside the sea for a while.

The victorians believed that sea air was good for your health. I think they were on to something.

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