A nice office block down by the river. Even Hull has a couple of nice bits.

This is Festival Gateaux. It is mans greatest achievement.

@tootapp Only just realised that Toot! has been released (beta expired). Happy to be able to pay you for your work now!

This is cool. Embeddable maps powered by OSM - akin to Google MyMaps, but with less Google:


Here follows a list of the career options that my seven year old daughter sees in her future:

Prime Minister
Composer of classical music
Gangsters moll

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Huh. Just noticed that a device I recently bought comes with a USB cable that can be plugged in any way. How have I not seen these before? Why are they not all like this? mstdn.iofoundry.eu/media/vZ_4N

I have a 1 year subscription to 1Password to give away if anyone wants it?

Deleted entire user directory contents by accident. Going to bed.

‘Dad! I’m in a cupboard!’
‘I dunno!’

Getting very lost in the world of Indiweb.

A package that I would really like to be delivered on time has been sent by Yodel 😭😭😭

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@cosullivan This is my total collection. Not too many, but more than I need:

Henry VIII, who was by most accounts a bit of a turd, dissolved Rievaulx in 1538, stripped it of its valuables and rendered it uninhabitable.

As is Rievaulx Terrace, which looks down on the beautiful ruin of Rievaulx Abbey.

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