@cj I’m British, so raise my hand as an expert source for this question. Yes, we do drink Twinings.

@bobstechsite Don’t worry, Bobby. My avatar is a giant eyeball. I have much more to apologise for.

Huh. Just noticed that a device I recently bought comes with a USB cable that can be plugged in any way. How have I not seen these before? Why are they not all like this? mstdn.iofoundry.eu/media/vZ_4N

@jjg @gemlog Might be a bit more technical than you are looking for, but I use Hugo to deploy my site. It’s just a single statically compiled binary on the server end. I edit my local repository, push to master and a git hook clones the repository, builds it and deploys to /var/www

@gemlog @askans I guess the licensed seed part is to stop people growing super strong varieties? Four plants seems quite fair. They can get pretty large.

I have a 1 year subscription to 1Password to give away if anyone wants it?

@mperham Not related, but your emoji username is brilliant.

@bobstechsite Wow. That’s a pretty incredible series of events.

@julienxx HiDPI was a complete mess on Fedora last time I used it. High resolution displays have been available for so long, and it’s such a user visible problem. I can’t understand why it isn’t fixed.

@ben0_o So glad mine are passed that faze. Mind, the eldest is 16 so stuff like that could happen I guess.

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@ben0_o I held a birthday party for one of mine once. Never again. Absolute nightmare.

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